The entire escort industry was affected by the pandemic at the start of 2020 and the subsequent lockdowns that featured during the following two years. With escorts unable to legally work, many chose to seek other forms of employment or look for alternative virtual opportunities in the adult industry such as OnlyFans or webcamming.

For the average content creator, OnlyFans and webcamming is far from as lucrative as escort work which is only successful for creators with a recognisable personality, or those with a large social media following i.e. 100K followers upwards. This is why a career in escort work is extremely easy to start, fulfilling and very financially rewarding.

Customer confidence and returning escorts

As the lockdowns were slowly lifted and customers gained the confidence to arrange meetings with escorts again, some degree of normality started to return in 2022. After a nearly two-year break, experienced escorts started to slowly return to the industry and new escorts started to be attracted to the work. Escort agencies started to frugally recommence advertising in case of another dreaded lockdown. As agencies cautiously reopened, agency escorts in Cardiff started to return and an industry revival appeared to be underway.

Many elite escorts that were foreign nationals returned to their home countries during the pandemic, and although many never returned to the UK, some targeted 2023 as the year to return and reinvigorate their careers and started to relocate back to the UK.

A reinvigorated 2023

As we enter the dawn of 2023 the escort industry appears to be firing on all cylinders as clients looking for a good time and a wonderful experience start spending some of their two years of savings. The industry has faced many challenges previously such as financial crashes and recession, but the pandemic proved to certainly be the most challenging. Fortunately, the world has turned a corner and escorts certainly have a positive outlook.

With more money flowing into the escort businesses, it also flows into the coffers of the entrepreneurs and businesses who support escorts and escort agencies such as photographers, SEO consultants, accountants, advertisers and escort directories.

As agencies increase their marketing budgets the industry shows promising signs of booming again and providing there are no unwanted surprises in 2023 this trajectory should continue throughout the year.

All involved in the industry are longing for the glory days of the mid to late 2010s and hopefully, this will happen.