About Our Agency

Cardiff Desires is an evolving business and we constantly require new Cardiff escorts to fulfil requirements from clients. We are always looking for attractive, naughty, reliable and flirty girls with obvious charm and personality to join our friendly and successful team. We guarantee full security, your own driver and excellent earnings. Immediate start. You must be reliable, punctual and confident.

At Cardiff Desires we allow our escorts to set their own rates and working hours, so if you are a student, work full time or are otherwise engaged during the daytime, you can still define your own availability and our agency will be as flexible as possible. There is NO sign up fee to join our agency.

You Must Be:

  • Female, aged between 21 – 50 and attractive.
  • Reliable, well organised, possess excellent communication skills and comfortable working in the companionship industry.
  • Flexible and able to manage your time efficiently; Escorts set their own working hours to fit within the agency’s opening times.
  • Possess evidence of the right to work in the UK, or provide a work visa (non-EU citizens).

A warm, friendly and good natured demeanour is essential. Personality is also very important and is certainly appreciated by our clients who admire somebody engaging, enthusiastic and most importantly great company.

Enjoy an amazing earning potential while meeting fun and interesting new people.

Most prospective escorts are drawn to the huge earning potential which is synonymous with the escort industry; Up to £300 per hour! However, in addition to the income, there is also the potential to travel, enjoy wonderful new experiences and attend events that would otherwise be impossible to sample. We specialise in high class escorting and possess a clientele that reflects such a service.

Our recruitment process starts with a straightforward application form (above) that requires basic personal and contact details. We would encourage you to submit one or two good quality photographs of yourself, just so we have an idea of your appearance. You do not have to submit professional photographs and any photographs that are uploaded will be deleted shortly afterwards.

Once we have received your application a representative of the agency will get in touch and set up a brief telephone call. This is to assess suitability and to provide you with some information about our agency. The second phase will be a personal interview between you and an agency representative. We frequently ask one of our current experienced escorts to attend this meeting to answer any specific questions you may have. We use this opportunity to assess whether you are suitable for the agency as well as giving you the opportunity to assess whether the agency is right for you.

If you feel you have what it takes to become part of our expanding organisation and earn up to £300 per hour please let us know by completing our application form above.

For further information regarding our recruitment opportunities please contact our recruitment representatives:

Telephone / SMS: 07530256902

WhatsApp: +447933435244

E-mail: enquiries@cardiffdesires.co.uk

We encourage all prospective escorts to undertake some internet research to find out about the escort/companionship industry in order to make a well informed decision about applying.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All escorts working with our agency are considered self-employed independent contractors and must comply with HMRC guidelines relating to tax and national insurance liabilities. Cardiff Desires strictly provides advertising, administrative and promotional services only.

Recruitment – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to work for Cardiff Desires?

Cardiff Desires boasts a large and dynamic escort roster to fulfil appointments across the entire South Wales and Bristol area.

How do I apply?

To apply simply complete the online application form (above) and a recruitment representative will contact you either by e-mail or telephone.

How much can I earn?

You can set your own hourly rate, meaning that you can earn as much as you choose to charge.

What hours will I work?

At Cardiff Desires you are able to set your own working hours.

What if I do not have professional photographs?

No problem. We can arrange for you to have a professional photoshoot free of charge.

Is there a joining fee?

Unlike some other escort agencies, we do not charge a joining fee.

What if people recognise my profile?

We are able to distort you face in any images posted on your profile to ensure complete discretion.

Can I not work in my local area?

Absolutely, we respect that escorts are concerned about discretion. We can arrange for you to not attend appointments in your local area.

How will I be paid?

You can either be paid in cash or we can deposit earnings into your nominated bank account. Alternatively you can be paid via Paypal or Nochex, please enquire for more information regarding online payments.

Can I reject certain clients?

Yes, absolutely. Escorts have the right to decline appointments.

I have applied, what happens next?

Our staff will review your application and aim to contact you within 48 hours. We attempt to provide feedback to all applicants. However, if you do not hear from our agency it could be due to our portfolio being at full capacity and we are unable to hire new escorts. In this case we will keep your application details on file and will contact you when we next hiring.

Is there an interview?

Yes. If your application is successful we will invite you to our office for an informal interview where you can ask any questions you have. Our recruiter will also explain about background of the agency and how it operates. Typically the interview process will take 30 minutes and the applicant is informed whether they are successful or not at the end.

Would I be self-employed?

Yes, you would be considered an “Independent Contractor”. For more information on employment, please view our disclaimer.

I have a day job; can I work part-time on evenings and weekends?

Yes, you can work any hours of your choosing.

Is escort work safe?

The safety of our escorts is paramount, which is why we diligently vet clients to assess their suitability. We also provide security and drivers for both incall and outcall appointments so ensure that each escort is protected at all times.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Your details will be stored in a secure and confidential manner and will not be shared with anyone or any organisation outside of our internal agency staff. Should you decide not to join our agency your application will be immediately deleted.