Desires Cardiff Escort Agency was formed in 2014 and has grown exponentially to become the leading escort agency in Cardiff and South Wales. Our core objective has remained the same throughout our evolution; recruit the most beautiful, reliable and discrete escorts we can find and match them appropriately to our growing clientele. We have been particularly effective at perfecting this recruitment and booking process and frequently welcome clients from around the world based upon our reputation as the very best escort agency in Cardiff.

Over the years the depth of our team has grown from just a few escorts to our regular roster which fluctuates between 12 and 14 elite, high class escorts available for outcall bookings throughout Cardiff and the South West.

Why does Cardiff Desires have such a good reputation?

Our reputation is derived from our attention to detail and meticulous business processes. One of the key promises is our 45 minute call to door outcall service where we aim to have your chosen escort with you within 45 minutes of placing a booking. Another cornerstone of our reputation is reliable escorts. The escorting unfortunately is synonymous with unreliability. We operate a tight ship and punctuality is pivotal to our success. Escorts who prove to be incapable of maintaining out high standards for appearance, punctuality and attitude are quickly replaced.

Staying at the top of the pile as the leading escort agency in Cardiff requires a great deal of dedication and hard work from our staff. Our team work tirelessly on marketing our agency and escorts through multiple digital channels such as online directories and social media. Our sales team are always available to book appointments with our lovely ladies and address and queries you may have about escort availability, services and bespoke appointments. We want to ensure each appointment runs smoothly and that the client has such a fantastic time they will recommend the agency and return for a repeat booking.

How did the agency come to fruition?

Firstly, the city of Cardiff is the Welsh capital with a growing population of 340,000 inhabitants. The city also hosts major sporting and entertainment events such as international football matches, rugby internationals, boxing and a host of other high profile events which regularly draw an extra 100,000 people to the city. We thought, what an opportunity! Surely some of the males in this swelling population would appreciate the company of a beautiful young lady for the evening or to take out to dinner? Well, we quickly realised that we were right. And by promoting and advertising Cardiff’s most beautiful ladies we can fulfil the fantasies that most men secretly have.

Our website receives thousands of visitors each week and we promote our escorts on a variety of both national and international online directories. This investment in internet advertising underlines our commitment to overtaking all of the other Cardiff escort agencies and to cement our position as the leading elite agency in the South West.

What can I expect from the agency?

At Cardiff Desires we deliver the best; the best escorts, the best prices and of course the best service. When you book with our staff, you don’t need to worry about the escort not showing up or not being the lady you selected, we guarantee that your escort will be the girl you select, she will be on time and that you will have an amazing time together.

Our service delivers excellent value for money; our rates are particularly competitive considering that we provide only the elite of Cardiff’s high class escorts. The recruitment processes we have in place ensures that we only hire the best escorts in Cardiff. Beautiful young females who know how to behave and entertain in various companionship situations.