Know as the paywall of porn; OnlyFans has grown exponentially since its launch back in 2016. The London based membership service enables clients to subscribe to model’s accounts and access their premium content which typically involves X rated photographs and videos. Especially keen followers are also able to send tips to their favourite models. Many models that rank in OnlyFans top 15% can enjoy earnings in excess of £30,000 per month; quite amazing earnings for a platform that just requires the performers to possess a cell phone and an internet connection.

Capitalising on the explosion of social media, savvy OnlyFans operators use Twitter and Instagram to entice prospective followers to their OnlyFans page by tweeting and posting non-explicit content (to adhere to social media guidelines) with the suggestion that the unedited and often X-rated versions are accessible by subscribing. Models are able to set their own subscription rates and provide a variety of special offers to retain followers and their monthly subscriptions.

OnlyFans has not only managed to attract beautiful college students but also a list of celebrities which include Courtney Stodden and Megan Barton Hanson; the latter is most well-known for appearing on the popular British television program Love Island. OnlyFans has also partnered with other adult content creators to raise funds for a variety of charities. As of early 2020, OnlyFans has 200,000 performers on its platform.

One important consideration for OnlyFans performers – especially those transitioning from escort work – is the issue of privacy. To make serious money the model really has to be prepared to show their face and produce adult orientated content featuring themselves, which may potentially be recorded or downloaded by a follower and reappear anywhere on the internet for years to come, which is something that often does not happen with escort work as it usually operates with an intended level of secrecy and discretion.

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, adult entertainers such as strippers and escorts have seen their income grind to a halt. However, many such adult entertainers are looking to diversity their talents into the world of OnlyFans and webcam entertainment in an attempt to keep their cashflow moving. The transition is perfectly logical and well suited to the lockdown situation that many adult workers find themselves in, especially in Europe and North America.

Webcam work can also be highly lucrative. A performer often requires nothing more than a computer (with a webcam) and an internet connection. Viewers simply purchase credits from the platform ( or are two of the largest) and the amount is transferred to the performers account or a cheque is sent on a monthly basis.

Only time will tell whether the high-class companions who made the transition to the virtual world will return to the “real world”, but escorting is known as the oldest profession for a very good reason; it will always be there and it will almost certainly remain especially lucrative to those that work in the industry.