SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a crucial ingredient for a successful escort agency. Essentially marketing your agency is all about your website and to a lesser degree social media efforts. If your website is not on the first page of Google then your potential clients will have great difficulty encountering your business which means less enquiries and ultimately less sales.

Although it is not impossible to do your own SEO without the assistance of a professional company; it is very difficult. One of the key reasons is that SEO companies that specialise in the escort / adult industry usually maintain a network of high authority blogs / websites that they will utilise to advertise your agency and from which to create valuable backlinks to your website.

Successful SEO consultants will also perform competitor analysis on your rivals to identify their SEO efforts; this usually highlights new backlinks which can be useful to your agency. Another integral factor is preparing for every Google algorithm update. A good consultant can advise you how to make appropriate on page and off page updates to your website that will not have an adverse on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

A concerted effort investing in effective search engine optimisation (SEO) can result in many new internet based enquiries and ultimately sales for your business. This means that the expense of SEO should theoretically be paid for with revenue from additional sales.