Escort agencies play a pivotal role in the escort industry. Primarily they act as a conduit between the client and the escort. This role of the agency typically involves the following:

• Advertising and marketing each escort.
• Vet clients to ensure that escorts only meet suitable clients.
• Refer companionship appointments to escorts.
• Process payments and issue invoices.
• Recruiting prospective escorts.
• In some cases arrange transport for escorts to and from appointments.

The escort agency will commit most of their time and budget to marketing, in particular online marketing, and fielding enquiries from prospective clients whilst attempting to convert such leads into an agreed booking with the escort. This often involves negotiation skills to ensure that the escort and client are happy with the agreed cost for the appointment which can be particularly complex in the case of long or highly bespoke appointments.

Vetting clients is extremely important to the safety of the escort and for the reputation of the agency. Using personas, reception staff are trained to identify certain attributes that makes a suitable client; often outcall location, attitude and dialogue are used to filter unsuitable customers. Performing the vetting process diligently and carefully ensures that escorts meet clients that they are happy to see. This is important because as an agency, if you can retain escorts and keep them happy to be working with you, your business and reputation will flourish.

By working with an agency, an escort has a lot of the aforementioned issues handled on their behalf so that all they have to do is simply turn up at the appointment and get paid. Agency escorts do not have to work out their marketing spend, dealing with numerous timewasters and negotiating the payment for each appointment – the more mundane and complex side of the escort business which independent escorts have to address themselves.

Another time consuming and ongoing task that escort agencies have to undertake is recruitment of new escorts. This involves advertising roles (usually online), interviewing prospective escorts and creating legally robust contracts that are mutually beneficial to both the escort and the agency. Given that agencies traditionally have a high turnover of staff, recruiting new escorts is a constantly ongoing process to replace underperforming escorts or escorts who want to pursue other career opportunities. Given that many applicants are unsuitable due to age, attractiveness or attitude; getting the right type of escort on board can be a complicated task.