Booking an escort is a relatively simple process, much like booking an appointment at a hairdressers and dentist. However, unlike the latter it usually costs much more and you do not know the person who you will be meeting or where they may be located…. this is why you should be well advised to be diligent and do your homework.

Money, Money, Money

Firstly let’s start with the cost. An hour with an escort can cost you anywhere between £90 and £300; why the disparity in price? Well the answer is pretty straightforward; generally you get what you pay for. Reverse the roles; think about what person would spend an hour with you for £90? I can say from experience that escorts charging in excess of £150 per hour are going to be worth the fee. They will usually be wealthy (contrary to popular belief), educated, experienced, enthusiastic and will take great pride in their appearance and the service they provide. Remember that good reviews and feedback in the escort industry are crucial to the success of an escort, if they have a bad attitude or do not take pride in their appearance, word will quickly spread and they will soon be off to another city.

Due diligence

Next. What do you know about the escort? When you contact the escort or agency to book the appointment, try to ask as many questions as possible about the escort that you are interested in. Do not feel that you are in any way bothering the escort or the agent; this is what they are paid to do. The more that you dialogue with the escort the better, find out her age, nationality (if you hear a foreign accent), likes and dislikes and importantly her location if you are looking to visit for an incall date. The purpose of this is to establish a rapport, albeit briefly and to calm any nerves. You will find that most escorts are guarded about certain personal information and are well versed in concealing any information that may enable clients to track down their actual identities. Agencies will spend a great deal of effort instilling these protective measures in escorts. For example if you ask the escort “Which university did you go to?”, expect to be quickly met with a blatant rehearsed lie that will be so seamless and convincing that you will have absolutely no idea that it’s a fabrication. Another popular question is: “I know Candy isn’t your real name, why don’t you tell me your real name?”, Again, be prepared to be fooled with her backup name, which will again not be her real name.

Requests and Formalities

If you have specific requests, establish them up front prior to the appointment to avoid disappointment. Most escorts will be perfectly honest with you and will give you a straight yes or no as you rattle through your checklist. Also enquire about payment to prevent any confusion during the appointment. In most cases you will be told that payment must be made within the first 5 minutes of the appointment in cash, unless you have prepaid for the appointment. The escort will count the cash in front of you; do not be offended by this, this is a guideline that escorts follow to ensure that they are not accused of stealing any of the cash and then demanding more. Escorts usually follow a 10 minute rule which means that if they are not paid within the first 10 minutes of the appointment, they will leave. So say hello, pay the lady, then start the small talk, relax and enjoy the appointment.

Location, Location, Location

For an incall appointment you will need to know where you are going. Some escorts / agencies reveal the address straight away; others may give you the exact address around 1 hour before the appointment. This is for the security of the escort. If you are a first time client do not be surprised by the latter, for regular clients this is not usually required.

Research carefully where the location is. If it is some back alley in a rough part of town you will quickly realise why you are paying £80 for the hour! Escorts charging £150 + per hour usually rent luxury apartments which are well furnished and will have high standard bathroom and shower facilities. Such locations are carefully considered by the escorts / agencies and they are usually within gated apartment blocks where you will have to be buzzed in through 2 or 3 doors and be captured on numerous CCTV cameras before you even get to the apartment; such measures are again in place to ensure the safety of the escort.

Enjoy the Appointment

The most important thing is that you enjoy the appointment with the Cardiff escort you chose and that the aforementioned information helped you to understand some of the common sense processes that help your appointment go perfectly.