To many students the opportunity of flexible, well paid escort work is extremely attractive. With so many outgoings such as course fees, rent and the rising cost of living, students are often left relying on overdrafts and student loans to make ends meet, as well as the famous bank of mum and dad. At our escort agency we have hired many students over the years, and after a few weeks of working in the escort industry they all tend to reach the same conclusion; why didn’t I do this sooner!

Escorting tends to fit the lifestyle of students far better that full time workers. It enables ladies to work a few hours in the afternoon then attend a lecture of catch up on university work, then perhaps attend a few appointments in the evening. Such flexibility is absolutely not possible in other jobs synonymous with students such as bar work or leafleting. In addition to the working patterns that the escorts themselves are able to choose, there are the financial rewards.

Work Less and get Paid Much More

Typically our companions can expect to earn £160 for the first hour and £150 for additional hours of all appointments; so for 1 hour of their time an escort can earn the equivalent of 4 shifts of bar work! Frankly, it’s a no brainer!

Because many students do not own their own transport, our escort agency provides a driver and security to pick up escorts, drop them to incall or outcall appointments and drop them home afterwards, thus ensuring the safety of the escort at all times.

Many student escorts have legitimate concerns about discretion and remaining anonymous when undertaking appointments. We provide our ladies with as much detail about their clients as possible i.e the client’s name and address (for outcall appointments) and any relevant information from other escorts who many have previously seen the client in question. This enables our girls to not encounter anyone on their local area, or in the case of students, anyone associated with their university.

When working for an escort agency, many students find that they are supported by agency staff and other escorts from all walks of life; full time professional escorts, part time escorts, other student escorts and everything in between. One thing that all new starters can rely on is that our agency supports and respects all of its escorts and will do anytime to ensure that the experiences of each escort are as pleasant and comfortable as possible.