One of the best benefits of working in the escort industry is the convenience of making work revolve around your personal schedule. It is a great feeling to be the master of your own time. You can start work whenever you like, take a day off if you just don’t fancy working or put in a few extra shifts to cover an upcoming holiday. As an escort agency we allow our escorts to set their own shifts but encourage ladies to set a regular working pattern. This assists with enabling regular clients to schedule repeated weekly appointments i.e. meeting at the same day and time each week.

Another valuable benefit of working as an escort is that the career fits nicely around full time work or studies. This is particularly for those escorts who only want to work a few hours each week to supplement up their full-time income and make that extra cash that always helps when payday is a few weeks away.

Working as a Cardiff escorts is also surprisingly discrete. Profiles photos are heavily photo shopped, with your face blurred out and distinguishing features such as tattoos or scars carefully removed, leaving fantastic high-resolution photos that nobody knows is you.

At Bliss our escorts are all employed as independent contractors which means that we assist our ladies with meeting their HMRC tax obligations by providing invoices and offering accounting and bookkeeping advice.