One of the hottest commodities in escorting in Wales is Indian Asian ladies. Because a large proportion of our clientele is Asian, Cardiff escort agencies are under pressure to recruit the finest Asian girls, in particular escorts of Indian extraction. Fortunately we have been able to promote a number of beautiful Indian escorts who 100% fit this bill and have proven to be some of the agency’s most popular escorts.

Because of certain cultural taboos many suitable Asian ladies are deterred from the fantastic benefits of working in the escort industry. At our escort agency we go to great lengths to ensure that the identity of our ladies is never revealed and that gallery photos are edited carefully so to not reveal any identifiable features. We also heavily vet clients end discourage our escorts from working in their local vicinity; this level of detail is what has made Cardiff Desires the leading escort agency in Cardiff.

Most of the Indian escorts our agency works with are British born but with strong Indian heritage. Whilst being especially in tune with their Indian heritage, our ladies like to be treated like Indian princesses by their clients. They especially love to relax and unwind with their client over a lovely bottle of red in a classy restaurant followed by a more private experience back at the hotel or the client’s home.

The most recent Asian addition to our growing team is the very beautiful Ria. This beauty is British born but of maternal and paternal Indian extraction. Ria speaks Hindi fluently and is in love with Indian culture; particularly Bollywood films, Indian music and dance. Ria is more than happy to accommodate requests from clients such as traditional Indian attire as well as more mainstream requests like lingerie and heels.

When our agents first met Ria, it was quite evident that this gorgeous lady was cut out to be the perfect escort. With a charming and laid back demeanour, Ria is very talkative and puts you at ease quickly, which makes her the ideal pick for nervous or first time clients. If you are looking to break the ice of the appointment early on, just ask Ria for one of her amazing massages and she will be happy to oblige. For clients looking for some extra fun, Ria frequently works with our other escorts, so please let our operator know if this scenario appeals to you.