From Belle de Jour to Secret Diary of a Call Girl to the sordid secret former lives of the female cast members of The Only Way is Essex, otherwise known as TOWIE; escorting is everywhere. In the internet age the escort industry has enjoyed an unprecedented boom, but has also slipped increasingly into public view like never before.

I have run escort agencies in Cardiff for years and the number of young, attractive girls that apply to start a career in escorting is astonishing. However, less than 10% of applicants actually make it to their first appointment with the agency. This is probably due to nerves getting the better of the budding escort but the dropout rate is still quite amazing.

Most prospective escorts are drawn to the money and lifestyle that comes with being an escort. You are your own boss, you pick your own working hours and clients and for the average 18 – 24 year old female you can make at least fifteen times your hourly salary. But money is not the only sweetener. The lifestyle is also unparalleled; you get to socialise and travel with very wealthy businessmen, enjoy fine dining (fully paid by the client), get exclusive VIP access to certain bars and clubs, accompany clients to social and sporting events and in some cases travel abroad. For a lot of young girls, it’s a window to a life that would have previously remained closed.

At Bliss, we are highly selective about which Cardiff ladies we work with. We scrutinise escort applications carefully and conduct a two part interview to establish whether the prospective Cardiff escort has the qualities that we require from our ladies. For those that make it through the interview and are ultimately recruited by the agency, they do so knowing that they have joined the leading escort agency in Cardiff. An agency that has their best interest at heart and will endeavour to work hard to vet and deliver the best possible clients to their escorts, whilst providing safe and secure surroundings. If you feel you have what it takes to become an escort in Cardiff, then don’t hesitate. Complete our online application form today to get the process started.