Searching for the ideal Cardiff escort for you

Just a simple Google search will reveal that there are multiple opportunities to meet with a Cardiff escort. However, it sometimes can be overwhelming when you are faced with such a vast and diverse selection of escorts.

It always helps to narrow down your search to your particular type. Perhaps you are more attracted to busty blonde British ladies or curvaceous, tanned Latinas? Some clients are drawn to more mature and experienced ladies while others are drawn to younger and less experienced companions. Your personal preference matters, so we advise you to take your time to conduct some research to help narrow down your search to a gorgeous lady that takes your fancy, even if it means waiting a week of two for the appointment.

Meeting with companions from an escort agency

Many clients opt to book escorts through an escort agency in Cardiff. This gives the client an opportunity to speak with a receptionist / agent (who will often know each escort personally) and ask their advice about who the most suitable lady would be for their particular type or requirements. Don’t be shy when approaching an escort agency with a long list of questions, especially if this is your first time with an escort; agencies deal with many such enquiries on a daily basis, so please do not feel as though you are wasting their time.

When communicating with an agency you can often ask to see any escort reviews and in some cases face photographs of escorts, because faces are often blurred out on the agency’s website for the privacy of the escort. Both of these requests will help you with selecting your perfect companion. The agency may also have additional photographs that they do not display on their website.

Once you have discussed everything with the agency representative it is now time to make the booking. Contrary to popular belief escorts are not always available 24/7 mainly due to them only working part-time in the industry and often working a regular 9-5 job in the daytime, this will mean that you may have to make both your schedules work, but good agencies convey escorts’ availability clearly as to avoid any confusion.

You will need to decide whether you want to book an incall appointment, where you visit the escort at their location or if you would like an outcall booking, where the escort will visit you at your location, typically at your home address or a hotel.

Finding the ideal independent escort

With the evolution of platforms such as Adultwork, it is really easy to find a suitable independent escort, however, independent escorts are a little more complicated to navigate and often require advanced bookings to be placed. Fees are independent companions tend to be slightly lower than agency escorts but keep in mind that you are dealing with the escort directly and they may have a busy work and social life, so replies can be slow and it can even take a few days or even weeks to finally negotiate the appointment and fee. Some more popular independent escorts only see a select group of regular clients and are not open to new customers.

Contrary to dealing with an agency, it is best not to ask independent companions too many questions because they will be filtering through tens of enquiries on a daily basis. Just be concise, to the point and emphasise that you want to book at a certain day and time. The companion may suggest a different time if they have a scheduling clash, so you may have to be flexible with your time.

It is a good idea to try to track down some online reviews on independent escorts. You will quickly find that the most popular ladies will have possibly hundreds of positive reviews on a variety of platforms. If you do notice a negative review, don’t be alarmed, it could be a one-off incident or possibly an internet troll. If you do notice multiple negative reviews with a reoccurring theme, this is certainly more alarming and indicates that there is a genuine issue with that particular escort.

Booking high class escorts

Depending on your budget, high class escorts could be an option if you are prepared to pay two or three times the price of standard escorts. High class companions can be booked with specific high class escort agencies although many operate independently and will have their own websites and large social media following.

Independent high-class escorts are highly sought after and can charge up to £1000 per hour, however, despite the high fees, they are very selective about they clients and operate a high level of client screening / vetting and almost always require significant advanced notice of the booking and a sizable non-refundable deposit paid via bank transfer. Such ladies are often extremely reliable and provide an excellent level of service which is why they are so desirable to the extent that they often only see a select group of regular clients.

Agencies also promote high class escorts or offer a small selection alongside the majority of standard rate escorts. This enables the agency to cater to both clients that want a budget booking as well as clients with more financial resources.

The appointment

The most important thing is to find the perfect escort for you; a companion who puts you at ease and makes you thoroughly enjoy the appointment and their company. A little online research goes a long way and will help you navigate any potential pitfalls and meet with an attractive female escort who will have you coming back time and again.