The vibrant and bustling Welsh capital city of Cardiff is located in the South East of the country in the historic county of Glamorgan. Whilst being the eleventh largest city in the UK, many areas of Cardiff have undergone dramatic redevelopments and gentrification in recent years, an advancement that has attracted national and international investment into the city and the surrounding areas such as Newport, Caerphilly and the Vale of Glamorgan. The increased affluence of Cardiff has incentivised a number of escort agencies to base themselves in the city. Some more noticeable agencies such as Cardiff Desires Escort Agency have developed an established brand and long-standing reputation by using social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to promote their services.

There are approximately five established escort agencies in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Some agencies offer only outcall services while others provide both incall and outcall appointments. In addition to agencies, Cardiff also has a number of notable high-class independent escorts who often charge a premium fee for their services; however, same day bookings are often not possible due to their schedules and appointments are often restricted to hotel outcalls only. A few businesses only promote foreign (non-British) escorts while others may have a strict policy of not listing non-British escorts.

Cardiff Escort agencies and independent escorts

Local independent escorts typically will refuse to visit client’s home addresses due to security concerns and will do extra vetting before agreeing to see a new client, making it complicated and time-consuming for new clients to even meet the escort let alone become a regular client. Independent escort platforms are often utilised to check client feedback provided by other escorts and it is common for independent escorts to reject clients without at least three positive reviews. This makes it difficult for new clients to access high-end escorts and can even result in clients having to book a number of appointments with lower-end escorts who they may not want to see, in order to build up enough positive feedback to see the elite escorts that they do want to see.

Female escorts in Cardiff often look to join an agency because they lack the time or experience to self-market themselves as an independent escort, allocate the necessary time required to screen new clients and arrange their own security / drivers. This is why the simplest and quickest way to get into the escort industry is to be promoted by a Cardiff escort agency where they will already have a large and established client base to tap into, the infrastructure to facilitate incall and outcall appointments, security and drivers, as well as reception staff to perform screening of prospective clients.

Although there are a number of low quality, cowboy agencies who only care about their revenue, there are a few agencies who do make the safety and wellbeing of their escorts their top priority and provide stringent client screening to make each appointment that an escort attends safe and importantly conducted in a convivial environment. This is reassuring for the escort, especially if they are new to the companionship industry.

Client vetting and experience

The vetting or “screening” of clients is an often overlooked but essential aspect of the work that escort agencies do. Agencies like Cardiff Desires have built up many years of experience booking appointments for escorts. While maintaining a large clientele, when it comes to booking appointments for new clients, they will ask a series of scripted questions that are designed to assess suitability. There may also be “pre-screening” questions conducted via e-mail. Based upon years of experience, the agency also knows potentially dangerous areas that should be avoided for outcall appointments and will maintain an evolving blacklist of areas and postcodes that escorts will not visit. While this may upset some clients, it is in place simply for the safety of the escort.

Standard escorts and high-class VIP escorts

Certain more reputable Welsh escort agencies will promote two levels of escorts; standard escorts and VIP escorts. The major difference between the two is typically that VIP escorts are more experienced, better looking and are often professional escorts; meaning that they are full-time escorts and do not have another career that they do alongside escort work, which is something that standard escorts often do.

VIP escorts often charge more than standard escorts and, in some cases, their hourly rate can be double that of a standard escort. You can expect a VIP escort to have outstanding professional photographs on their website profile and a comprehensive biography complete with many glowing client testimonials. Some may also have their own professionally shot tantalising videos to entice clients. This level of marketing is done specifically to make the VIP escorts stand out from the standard escorts to justify the increase in the hourly rates.