International travel companionship is probably the most glamourous aspect of being a high class escort. Such bookings are what movies are made of, although escorts still consider this to be work! International travel perhaps even trumps ringside seats at a world championship boxing match.

Enjoying a lazy day by the hotel pool in Marbella sipping on a nice alcoholic beverage while you soak up the sun, does life really get any better? Actually, it does! Instead of draining your bank balance to afford this luxury trip abroad, as an escort you can be paid up to £1500 per day for the privilege, including having your flights, food and drink and accommodation all paid for by a wealthy client.

Escorts who make themselves available for national and international travel often find themselves being pampered in various five-star luxury hotels throughout Europe and dining out at elite establishments that cater exclusively to the extremely affluent.

Book an International Travel Companion

Cardiff Desires would love to assist you with booking the perfect companion to accompany you on your travels. Firstly, we would encourage you to browse the escort profiles on our website for a suitable female companion. Alternatively, our booking agents would be more than happy to recommend an escort who will suit your requirements. You can contact our escort agency via the advertised number on each escort’s profile or by submitting an online booking form.

Secondly, we would request identification to be sent to the agency to verify the client’s identity. This information is used only by our internal staff, will not be shared with anyone and will be destroyed after the trip is concluded.

Thirdly, we would need to know where you are travelling to, departure and arrival dates and times, where you plan on staying, the mode of transport you plan on using i.e. aeroplane, ferry etc, and a brief itinerary summarising what the trip would entail. This is because it would involve activities certain escorts may not want to participate in i.e. skydiving, scuba diving etc. We would also need to see proof of the booking and confirmation that everything has been paid for. This would include flights (departure and arrival), hotel reservations, car hire and any events and activities that you plan on participating in.

For bookings involving international travel, we recommend that you meet your chosen escort at least once prior to the trip to ensure reciprocal compatibility.
The agency may also contact the escort during the trip to check how things are progressing and that they and the client are enjoying a pleasurable time together.

Preparing for Your Trip

We recommend booking your international travel escort at least 2 weeks prior to your departure although it can be booked at a few days’ notice. We expect the client to pay for the escorts travel arrangements either personally or by sending the amount to the escort agency so that we can book the travel on behalf of the client. This payment can be accepted via a bank transfer or by a cash payment. The escort’s fee for the trip, which is negotiated by our agency staff, would have to be paid in full to the agency 3 days prior to departure at the latest to ensure that the payment has cleared.

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Once the trip has been booked and paid for, and your travel companion has been chosen, sit back and relax knowing that you are about to embark on a wonderful, mind-broadening journey accompanied and enhanced by one of our beautiful female escorts who will do everything possible to ensure that you have the time of your life.