Firstly, what is an outcall appointment? There is some confusion about the various types of appointments offered by our Cardiff escorts. An outcall appointment is what the escort will travel to you; whether it is to your home, temporary rented accommodation or hotel. The other popular type of appointment is known as incall; this is where you would visit the escort at her accommodation, whether it is their home, hotel or in some cases serviced apartments.

Once you have decided that an outcall data suite your needs or conveniences better that an incall, we suggest that you browse our website for 2 or 3 ladies that take your fancy. We recommend selecting at least 1 alternative, just in case your chosen escort is unavailable for already booked. To help with the escorts’ availability and working hours, we list these on the homepage of our website and update them daily.

Even if the availability of the escort you are interested in does not work with your schedule we would still encourage you go call our hotline, because in some cases we can ask escorts to extend or re-arrange their working shifts.

If you have specific requirements (particularly the escort’s attire), please let our receptionist know when you book the appointment; please do not leave it until 10 minutes before the appointment, because the escort may already be driving to you.

Once you have booked the appointment with our receptionist, you just have to relax and wait for the escort to arrive. We recommend that you use this time to take a shower to ensure that you are clean and smelling fresh – the escort will really appreciate this. You may also want to pick up a bottle of wine ready for the appointment, although this is not expected of our clients.

When your escort arrives, please make sure that she is paid in CASH within the first 10 minutes of arrival. Please do not be offended if the escort counts the cash in front of you; this is the policy of the agency and was introduced to prevent any genuine mistakes with payments.

We really hope that you enjoy you appointment with our companion and if you would like to extend the appointment you just have to ask the escort. We recommend doing this at the earliest convenience in case the escort is booked to attend another appointment straight after. If you do decide to extend the appointment, please ensure that you have enough cash to cover the extra time because the payment will have to be made before the additional time starts.