Be on time! It may seem obvious, but you may be surprised how many clients are late for their own appointments; some by 45 minutes! This is an expensive waste of time. Your escort will almost certainly be on time, so it really helps them to synchronise your start time. This is also important because the escort may not wait forever for you to arrive, they may have another alternative appointment to travel to. If you are running late we encourage clients to contact the agency as the earliest convenience so that we can let the escort know to plan accordingly i.e. they may set off later for the appointment or find something to do to occupy their time while they wait for the client’s arrival.

Visit a Restaurant

All our Cardiff escorts offer dinner dates. Our escorts can either meet you at the restaurant or at a pre-arranged location such as your home or hotel (room). As an agency we prefer the latter because it is a private and convenient location to exchange payment for the booking. Once the payment is taken care of, our escort will accompany you to the restaurant. We try to avoid payments inside restaurants or public places to prevent any awkwardness for our escort or the client. For dinner date appointments we generally offer 3 hours of the escort’s time for £400, although negotiation is possible for our wonderful regular clients. We generally recommend that clients make an evening of it and book 5 hours, starting with a dinner date and a few hours of private companionship back at your hotel room or home. If you want a recommendation for a restaurant for your escort date, please don’t hesitate to contact our reception. They will be more than happy to arrange a restaurant reservation for you based upon your budget and requirements.

Private Home or Hotel Appointments

Private appointments are our most popular type of booking. Our escorts are very comfortable meeting you at your home or hotel. They are also very discrete, so your neighbours or hotel receptionists will not even know they have arrived; our agency prides itself discretion. For home visits, if you live in a complex location to find please give our receptionist as much relevant information as possible. e.g. I am located 25 yards from this red post-box. This information is vital because our booking agent has to guide the escort to your address (we do not give your contact number to the escort).

We recommend that you take a shower or bath prior to the start of the appointment, to ensure that you are smelling nice and fresh and perhaps pick up a nice bottle of wine for you both to enjoy. Our escorts really appreciate this kind of hospitality. If our escort is driving herself, please do not be offended if she does not drink more than a single glass of wine. This is to ensure that she remains under the legal drink drive limit. For escorts that are driven by our drivers, we encourage to enjoy a drink with the client in moderation. For our regular clients, our escorts can pick up drinks for you on the way to the appointment, provided you reimburse them for this expense.

We encourage clients to have payment ready upon arrival and suggest that you pay your escorts within the first 10 minutes of the appointment.

Special Requests

It is very common for our escorts to receive requests from their clients. Please get in touch with the agency to discuss any requests at the earliest possible inconvenience; please don’t leave it until she has set off to you! You will find our ladies very happy to accommodate requests, especially for attire; most of our ladies have vast wardrobes of various clothing that they will be happy to wear or bring along to the appointment.

Plan the Appointment

We encourage our clients to plan the appointment out beforehand; sometimes a spontaneous trip out to a restaurant is not all that helpful is the escort is finishing on 10 minutes! Our escorts are quite busy and often attend a number of appointments each evening so sometimes they will not always be able to extend the appointment by another 30 minutes or an hour. This is why we recommend that clients think carefully about the length of their appointment; please do not assume that the escort can extend the appointment. In some cases, this will not be possible. If you do wish to extend the appointment, we suggest that you have the cash available to extend the appointment then and there, as popping out to a cashpoint after a few bottles of red can prove tricky!

We are confident that if you follow these tips, your appointment will go swimmingly and you will have the time of your life with our beautiful Cardiff escort.