Booking an escort to visit you at your B&B or guesthouse can be slightly more complicated than a traditional outcall appointment to an established hotel. Our Cardiff escort agency does provide escorts to visit clients to small hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses. However, to make the appointment go smoothly and discretely there are a few additional steps that we recommend:

  1. Meet the escort outside the establishment; we will typically call the client when the escort is arriving so that you can walk down to the front doors, meet the escort and walk in together. This is because reception staff are often extra vigilant in B&Bs and guesthouses and the layouts are often more complicated than traditional hotels, thus we want to avoid any unforeseen issues entering and exiting the establishment. If meeting the escort outside is awkward for you, we can arrange for her to come directly to the room.
  2. Be more discrete than usual; often smaller B&Bs and guesthouses have thin walls and excessive noise can arouse the suspicions of neighbouring patrons and hotel staff.
  3. Check the policy of the establishment to ensure that guests are allowed to visit you in your room or at the onsite restaurant/bar.

When placing the booking for the Cardiff escort to visit you at your bed and breakfast or guesthouse, please be very specific about the address; often there can be two separate properties using the same B&B brand located on the same road – this is particularly prevalent in Cardiff. We respectfully request that you are particularly clear about the entrance you wish the escort to use or rendezvous at, as some establishments have multiple entrances/exits. It is also recommended that you plan your evening thoughtfully and meet your escort at the pre-arranged time because it prevents the escort lingering around the front of the establishment and arousing suspicion.

Small hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses are often fun and quirky places to meet with an escort. They often provided a bar, restaurant and other interesting places to meet, socialise and get to know each other in a relaxed and safe environment. If you would, however, like to take the escort from the property, perhaps to a nearby restaurant, local pub or bar, we appreciate it if you notify our agency staff prior to the appointment so that the whereabouts of the escort is known at all times during the appointment.

When it comes to selecting the guesthouse or B&B for your appointment it is desirable for it to be located discretely. We frequently recommend the many B&Bs and guesthouses located on Cathedral Road and Newport Road in Cardiff. Many of these establishments have easy access to the street and provide free on-road parking directly outside which helps with the pick-up and drop off of the escort. For appointments in the Swansea area; we recommend choosing from the many bed and breakfasts located on Oystermouth Road which is a short walk to the city centre.