There is much written online and in the print media about how much escorts earn. Much of what is written is simply conjecture or hearsay. There are many factors that contribute to deciding the earnings of escorts. These include location, availability, passion for the industry and the varying abilities of escorts to market themselves effectively.

Escort’s location

Escorts in the UK may be inclined to gravitate towards large cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham which logically makes sense due to the large populations of these cities. However, large cities can also have its disadvantages; the number of escorts operating there can saturate the market and drive down hourly rates, rent can be exorbitantly high (particularly London) and high living costs can also make life difficult for independent and agency escorts.

Because the escort industry in central London in often incall orientated, escorts often rent apartments in the affluent suburbs such as Kensington, Chelsey, Earls Court and Knightsbridge where rent can be anywhere between £2000 and £8000 per week, which means the escort must turnover a sizable weekly income to afford the overheads.

For this reason, many escorts choose smaller cities such as Cardiff or Bristol where the city centre is relatively compact and feature many hotels, transport links are good and the cost of rent is reasonable. This enables escorts to attend appointments at hotels and residential addresses quickly and offer incall appointment from their private apartments. In a city like Cardiff, escorts can expect to earn £750 – £1,500 per week.

Escorts operating in central London can often make £5,000 to £15,000 per week. These figures are not the escort’s take-home pay as they have to cover travel expenses, subsistence and of course income tax and national insurance on their net earnings.


An escort’s earnings are often dictated by how available they are to do appointments. Availability varies wildly from escort to escort. Many factors that dictate availability include having a day job, childcare arrangements and trying to have some form of a social life!

Most escorts make themselves available from mid-afternoon until midnight, when the majority of appointments occur, however, some appointments can commence after midnight, especially on the weekend.

Passion for the escort industry

Many successful escorts possess a drive and passion for the industry. In short, to be a truly successful escort you must have a passion for your chosen career. This manifests itself in showing a willingness to attend multiple appointments each day and often working late at night and various unsociable hours. Having a structured working routine also helps massively towards the escort getting repeat bookings.

Good marketing equals great sales

For independent escorts, good marketing is absolutely essential. Many independent escorts advertise on Adultwork, Vivastreet or a host of other online adult / escort advertising platforms. Knowing where or how to allocate your marketing budget is extremely important. Advertising on the wrong platforms can often result in a wasted budget which is why speaking to other escorts is very useful and will enable escorts to advertise in the right places.

Many escorts opt to join an escort agency which will conduct the marketing and advertising on their behalf as well as perform client pre-screening and vetting to ensure that the escort only meets suitable clients. Independent escorts often have great difficulty screening prospective clients due to a lack of experience.

In summary, if an escort can manage their marketing spend efficiently and has the desire and drive to attend as many appointments as possible, they will reap the rewards in the form of an excellent monthly salary that will often far exceed the earning potential of many other careers.