The escort industry in South Wales is booming with many escorts attracted to the flexible working hours, unrivalled pay and the high class clientele. A recent study found that 1 in 10 British men have enjoyed an appointment with an escort. When you think about 10% of the population, you realise how enormous the escort business is.

When considering a career as a Cardiff escort, there are two of avenues that the prospective escort can choose. The most obvious option is to work as an independent escort. The benefits are that you can keep 100% of the profits after tax. This is an attractive opportunity to many new escorts however, working as an independent does come with inherent risks. These include the vetting of clients which in some cases can prove complicated and problematic. Unless you are connected into a network of other local escorts, you will know very little about the clients that you may be inviting into your home.

By working with an agency such risks are minimised if not removed entirely. This is because agencies operate a book of regular clients who you will have access to. These clients will be fully vetted and other agency escorts will have seen them, which provides the agency with an insight into the mannerisms and personality of each client. If a client was to prove problematic, they are usually banned by the agency and thus would not be able to use their services. This is how agencies refine their list of clients through robust and ongoing vetting.

Agencies usually employ their own security staff who will be experienced in guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of their escorts. These staff will usually accompany escorts to each appointment, providing a reassuring presence and often transporting escorts to and from appointments.

At Bliss Escorts we encourage all prospective escorts to research the escort industry in order to make an informed decision before applying to join our agency.